The spotted lanternfly has officially arrived in the U.S.

The insect is native to parts of China and eastern Asia and it has the potential to greatly impact the grape, fruit tree and logging industries. According to researchers it attacks trees by feeding on sap and harms them further by excreting large amounts of a fluid that coats leaves and stems and encourages the growth of mold.

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Large Old Trees in Rapid Global Decline

Large old trees are among the biggest organisms on Earth. They are keystone structures in forests, woodlands, savannas, agricultural landscapes, and urban areas, playing unique ecological roles not provided by younger, smaller trees. However, populations of large old trees are rapidly declining in many parts of the world, with serious implications for ecosystem integrity and biodiversity. Examples of locations in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, South America, Latin America and Australia where the loss or large old trees has been identified as a major ecological problem.

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19 Manatees Rescued in Florida

18 Adult manatees and a calf were rescued in Satellite Beach, Florida after becoming stuck in a storm drain. The manatees had apparently congregated together in search of warmth after a cold snap in Central Florida drove water temperatures down to what is for them, dangerous levels.

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Renewables Successfully Driving Down Carbon Emissions in Europe

Renewable energy has not been the only factor reducing Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions. Policies and measures designed to reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency and stimulate the deployment of renewable energy have all played a role. There were also other drivers for this reduction, including changing economic factors and shifts to less-polluting types of fuels.

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Top 10 most useful Eco Gadgets available today

1. Water Powered Can Clock

2. Bedol Water Clock

3. USB rechargeable batteries

4. Eton Mobius

5. Hövding “Invisible Bike Helmet”

6. SolSource BBQ

7. Water Pebble

8. Goal Zero Nomad 13 Travel Solar Panel

9. H2O Water Powered Shower Radio

10. Eco-Amp

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Top 10 Most Innovative Algae-Powered Designs

1. Algae-Powered Dinosaur Nightlight

2. Algae-Powered LED Light Bulb

3. Algae Musical Jelly

4. The Algae Curtain

5. “Algaerium” Living Surfaces and Textiles

6. Algae-Powered Bio-photovoltaic Panels

7. Portable Algae Breathing Pavilions

8. Algae Fuel-Powered Aircraft

9. Algae-Powered Building

10. Algae-Powered Eco-City

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Massive Solar Farm Could Pump Clean Energy From the Sahara to England

The mega solar farm would be made up of thousands of mirrors, each controlled by computer to optimally reflect the sun. The mirrors would point toward a central tower filled with salt and water, which would heat up to create steam that would power a giant turbine. The energy generated would then be diverted to a substation in Rome before making its final journey to the UK.

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U.S. Carbon Emissions Rise Despite Efforts to Combat Climate Change

In a troubling sign, data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) show that U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose 2.5 percent in 2013, from 5,267 million metric tons in 2012 to 5,396 million metric tons in 2013. This increase comes after two years of declining emissions.

EIA cites two major reasons emissions rose in 2013:

  • Colder weather
  • More coal-fired electricity generation

Emissions in 2013 were just 10 percent below 2005 levels. We may still find ways to reduce U.S. emissions to 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020, as the Obama Administration pledged in 2009 in Copenhagen.

But we are far from the trajectory we need to be on to deliver 80 percent or greater emissions reductions by 2050, which is necessary to meet climate goals.

UCS has just released a new analysis that shows that the Clean Power Plan (CPP) could help cut power sector emissions by at least 40 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.

Strengthening the renewable energy provisions of the CPP can quadruple the amount of renewable energy by 2030, reducing our dependence on fossil-fired generation and driving down emissions.

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By 2050, the Largest Source of Global Electricity Could be Solar Energy

The rapid growth of efficient concentrating solar thermal plants over the last four years. and the decreasing production costs of photovoltaic solar, means the renewable energy source could make up 27 percent of the world’s energy by 2050, according to two new IEA technology roadmaps.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems would account for to 16 percent, while Solar Thermal Electricity (STE) could provide an additional 11 percent.

Combined, these solar technologies could prevent so much carbon pollution—6 billion tons—that it would be equivalent of removing the pollution from the entire transport sector worldwide, or all the current energy-related carbon pollution in the U.S. today.

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The first 3D Printed Car is HERE!

The Strati is the first electric car to be produced completely by 3D printer. Constructed in just 44 hours with a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour, the unique vehicle shows the application of 3D printing in sustainability.

3D printing offers consumers the opportunity to design and build something as intricate as a car in a few days. While this might just mean more planned obsolescence or electronics fads, the alternative could be new cars only produced on demand, saving the excess the materials and energy input into cars that spend months sitting on a lot. It would save car companies a lot on the upfront production costs, too.

Read more about the Strati here!

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